What is Optofolio?

Financial Institution Benefits

Partnering with Optofolio directly brings a variety of business benefits and rich capabilities


Power of AI & Optimization

Leverage the power of AI and optimization to construct multiple optimal portfolios matching the business constraints (e.g. available assets, regulations) based on historical data as well as expectations for the future.

Real Financial Advisor Experience

Scale the business by providing end users with an automated friendly user experience simulating a Financial Advisor sitting in person with them and walking them through the KYC application.

Quick Customization

Fast ways to customize the Robo Advisor experience including custom branding and KYC questions.

End-to-End Experience

Integrate with internal systems to provide end users with a seamless end-to-end experience.

What will your clients get?

Wealth Management Services

High quality personalized wealth management services that otherwise only available to high-net worth individuals.

Financial Goals

Personalized automated investing and professional guidance to achieve your personal financial goals.

Optofolio Products

Portfolio Optimizer

Generate Optimal portfolios for given constraints such as asset allocations and risk requirements

Robo Advisor

Engaging Conversational Experience for Consumers who cannot afford personalized access to professional wealth managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We support all assets as long as their historical prices are available.

We understand that different financial institutions have different needs. We offer a wealth management platform built for maximum flexibility to accelerate the deployment of end-to-end Robotic Financial Advisors.

Yes, we provide end-to-end wealth management solutions.

Delivery time mostly depends on the required integrations and customizations. We offer a free scoping phase where you can discover if Optofolio is a good fit for your needs.


Love our Product?

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